The buzzing of the air conditioner

I own a rental beach house beach house plus my one tenant drives myself and others insane, but kathy rents the first floor of the beach house plus is always calling myself and others for things, however i get called for leaky sinks, air conditioner low on refrigerant plus about the other tenants… She had gotten bad enough where I stopped taking her calls, then when I finally decided to listen to the messages I felt bad, but it was a correct boy who cried wolf situation. She was calling about bees in the HVAC ducts. I figured one bee was legitimately buzzing around plus scaring her. I took my time getting back to her plus I armed myself with a can of bee spray. When I arrived to her beach house I could hear the bees. Turns out she had a swarm of bees that had a hive in the Heating plus Air Conditioning duct. She could not run her Heating plus Air Conditioning machine or evenly safely get in her apartment. I don’t even guess how she was getting in plus out of the apartment. I called an exterminator right away. I then had to get a Heating plus Air Conditioning business over to do air duct cleaning. Since bees have moisture in their bodies, they could entirely ruin my metal Heating plus Air Conditioning ducts. I had to get the exterminator to kill them, plus the Heating plus Air Conditioning professional to clear away all the evidence. It was a very high-priced appointment that could have been avoided if I listened to Kathy when she first called me, but how was I supposed to guess that it was entirely a giant issue though?