The cake was ruined by the HVAC drip

My little brother’s twelfth birthday was just this past weekend.

Our mother spoils him to no end, and he always gets everything he wishes to have for every holiday… I’m not angry about it but I do think it’s slightly unfair that I was told no on the same frequency he gets told “sure, honey whatever you like.” Our mother was in the kitchen environment putting the final touches on my little brother’s cake while he was playing PlayStation in the living room with all sorts of different friends.

They had gotten so rowdy that they knocked over an open bottle of soda, and of course our mom rushed to take care of the spill. When she came back into the kitchen environment, the icing was all messed up and splattered across the table. While she was cleaning up the spill, she didn’t notice the air conditioning vent straight above the counter, dripping huge drops of water, melting the cake frosting. Mom was in a panic, I felt schadenfreude. The next afternoon when the air conditioning equipment specialist stopped by she said the air filter was incredibly dirty. Turns out, air filters are especially important components of our air conditioning equipment. Over time, excess debris in the system infiltrated the ductwork. The air filter did its task and now needed to be changed. The dirty air filter caused the air conditioning unit to freeze up, and caused the drip. Changing the air filter resolved the problem! She told us to remember to change the air filter each month to avoid any more trouble.

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