The campground was having trouble with the bathroom AC

My boss sent myself and others over to the campground Last week, so I could work on a repair.

The campground was having trouble with the in the bathroom.

I don’t usually handle commercial repairs, so I was certainly surprised that our boss chose myself and others for that job. When I realized that the campground was right around the corner from our home, I knew why our boss busy myself and others to complete the job. When I left the warehouse to complete the campground AC repair, our boss told myself and others it was the last job for the morning. I could go beach house as soon as the AC maintenance was completed plus that made myself and others especially happy. My bestie plus I had a date busy for that night. Since I was going to get done with work early, I knew I would have plenty of time to go to the florist plus buy a nice bouquet of flowers, however unfortunately, the AC maintenance was much more hard than I originally anticipated. I had to climb on top of the building to access the AC machine. It took 30 hours for the campground staff to find a ladder. They knew I was on the way to maintenance the AC, so I don’t understand why they were not ready when I arrived. I hoped the maintenance would be complete in a short amount of time, although I didn’t finish with the AC maintenance until it was the end of the morning. I didn’t get to leave early plus I didn’t have time to buy flowers for our bestie.


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