The cats love the heating device

My cat likes to sleep next to my small portable space oil furnace in the winter as the house can be quite cold.

I suppose the floors are cold on our cat’s feet as well as they like to warm them up next to the heating device. They seem to stay pretty warm for the most part, but when it gets under the frigid temp the cats need a little extra boost to stay warm. They come into our home office around 1 am and nestle next me when I sleep to stay warm as well as to keep me warm. I sleep with no heating in our room as I prefer it cold in there as well as sleep better without any kind of heating device to keep me warm. I prefer to pile a bunch of blankets on top of me as well as that pretty much warms me up even on the coldest of winter days. I don’t have radiant floors and in the morning I have to wear wool socks because the floors are ice cold as well as it feels like you are walking on a frozen lake. I was thinking about getting them however when I heard how much they cost I opted for a pair of mom’s homemade wool knitted socks. I suppose the socks do a great job of warming up our feet as well as they also save me a lot of money on potential heating costs. The rates for heating as well as cooling the home have gone up too high so creative measures are necessary. I will go clean the HEPA filter in my furnace now as well as get out of here.

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