the centralized cooling method

The two of us have window cooling system units in our home, only window units.  The two of us have numerous dining rooms, 2 baths, a fairly big dining room plus office, plus that is only on the main floor so far.  There are only 3 window cooling system units in the house. Believe it or not, Im telling you those 3 window cooling system unit are able to keep the condo cool, plus usually there is barely a change in our energy bills.  The secret is that my crafty partner keeps them scrubbed plus running respectfully, however she washes the air filters out about once a week, plus I keep the dust out of the house as well. I don’t appreciate the cooling system units whatsoever.  I mean they labor well plus our air quality is amazing since both of us don’t have any type of central cooling system. I don’t appreciate the method that both of us need to properly remove them in the fall, store them away, plus put them back in the tall windows during the Spring.  This is a lot of lifting, carrying plus storage. Also, of course I don’t appreciate the method that both of us can’t even use the windows that the cooling system units are in. At this point, the two of us only have 2 windows in the dining rooms. I can only open 1 freaking window, so there is no option for a cross breeze to cool us off on any random cooler night.  The two of us are forced to use the cooling system unit all of the time. I once told my partner that if both of us had central cooling system, it would much easier on us. Then she reminded myself and others of the condo both of us had moved away from when both of us purchased this house. The two of us previously had central cooling system, plus both of us constantly had rooms that were always warm.  That didn’t happen in this house.

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