The chiller wasn’t giant enough

I was in charge of securing cooling for our crucial warehouse within a certain price point, i looked around online and talked to unusual Heating, Ventilation, and A/C companies and had no luck.

I couldn’t find anything powerful enough in our price range, however this is how I fell down the rabbit hole of chiller rentals.

Industrial chiller rentals are not that high-priced and the supplier takes care of everything. They supplied the chiller, installed it and performed service on it when needed. I easily was happy thinking I was getting such a giant cooling proposal for a deal! Well I should have asked a few questions and figured out the dimensions chillers can handle. I realized suddenly that a single chiller wasn’t nice enough. The warehouse was not nearly cool enough… Chillers work by the flow of chilly water running through the system. I figured I would increase water flow to increase the amount of AC. Apparently this is a giant no no in the chiller world. Turns out I was making the cooling proposal less effective and costing the corporation more cash. I ended up calling the supplier and complaining. They then told myself and others I am demanding too much from the chiller and should have bought 2, now I am in too deep and will need to get another low temperature chiller added to the warehouse. At this point I am wondering if I am saving cash with chiller rentals? I have been so stuipd about how I operate it that I think I am losing cash; Maybe 2 devices will get everything back in order.

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