The cool air is escaping outside

A huge problem at our lake house is leaving the door open! For some reason I can’t explain, our kids like to run outside and leave the back door wide open.

To be fair, they’re just teenagers and we have an amazing backyard patio that extends off the back of the house.

It’s practically a separate living space. It can be hard to remember that you’re stepping foot outside sometimes. If it weren’t for the temperature difference, I don’t think people would ever think like they were leaving a house and entering the outdoors, which is what we wanted when we built the patio. Unfortunately, our AC plan does not prefer it when we leave the door open either because it means that the cool air is escaping, when the cool air escapes, it causes the control unit to signal an alert to our heating plus air conditioning plan to work harder to produce more cool air. When this cycle continues over and over again, the condenser unit coils freeze and it becomes a big issue. The first time the coils froze, we had to call a heating plus air conditioning business to come out and thaw them. It was an expensive bill for an easy repair that we hated to spend money on, but it needed to be done. Since that day, I’ve been diligent about asking the teenagers to close the door behind them! For the most part, they’ve been responsible about it, but there is the chance that someone forgets and the coils freeze over again.


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