The cottage needed a/c

Going on a family trip is my favorite thing.

However, It always seems like there is something to do.

I have to take the kids to school, I have a job, there are the holidays coming up, the list is endless. My children also require a lot of attention. Taking a month off did not seem like a doable thing for me; Finally I decided enough is enough. I just decided to do a short little break away at a mountain cottage that was pretty close by to our home. The weekend finally came and I packed everyone up. The weather was entirely heating up that day too. The temperature outside was supposed to be in the high 90s for all 3 days! When I got my kids to the cottage, we were looking forward to going inside. I wanted to jump onto our beds for a little while. Then I would turn on the air conditioning system. Unfortunately, the rental agency had forgot to tell us that there wasn’t any air conditioning system in the cottage. There wasn’t even any small window cooling units! I couldn’t assume why they would not have a/c. I assume I didn’t entirely ask the rental company about the Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning system unit in the lodge, but I felt like I was paying for it! You should have heard my kids and my partner complaining about the heat and the lack of air conditioning system. All I could do was say that I was sorry.

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