The Ductwork Had Holes in It

All summer, I had been noticing that an area of our apartment was warmer than others.

  • It was the guest bedroom which rarely got used, but it was still noticeable whenever I walked in.

Every time I crossed the threshold into the guest bedroom, I noticed a difference in temperature, even though I assumed it was something to do with the sun. There were a lot of windows in the bedroom which let in a lot of natural sunroom. I assumed the sunshine was heating the room to a warmer temperature. I decided to close the curtains to block out the extra sunlight, but that still didn’t help lower the temperature. Upon noticing this, I decided to hire an Heating as well as Air Conditioning company to come look at our A/C system. If the natural sunshine wasn’t heating the guest bedroom, there had to be an issue with the A/C system. The Heating as well as Air Conditioning specialist that came, took a look at everything as well as I was prepared for him to tell me that something needed to be repaired within the A/C equipment. What he genuinely said shocked me. According to him, the HVAC duct affixing to the guest bedroom’s air vent had many holes in it, so the cool air was escaping before it made it through the vent. There were so many holes as well as some of them quite large, so I needed to upgrade that portion of the HVAC duct instantly. Thankfully, I didn’t need to upgrade all of the existing HVAC duct or that could have gotten high-priced.

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