The ebb and flow of the business

When the office meeting was called this day every one of us all had a sinking feeling about it.

The boss did not seem glad and the e-mail announcing the meeting was rather curt.

Many of us were speculating on who was being fired that day and the overall mood of the whole office was electrically charged. When the meeting time arrived every one of us all slinked into out chairs and collectively held our breath waiting for it to start. As the boss started to speak it didn’t take long to realize what it was all about. The orders for the upcoming Winter time had started to roll in and they were nearly double what they were last year Now every one of us were totally confused because instead of anyone getting fired every one of us were all being offer overtime hours if every one of us could work in the wareapartment on the weekend. The boss wasn’t mad, he was stressed. All of us are a single of the biggest corporations of Heating and A/C component and parts on the East Coast. New lake apartment construction has been at an all time high this past year and Heating and A/C dealers could not keep up with demand. They had increased their orders so that they would have back stock to meet the needs of the builders. This, along with just the official amount that is needed for buyers wanting to update, meant that every one of us needed to ship out orders faster than ever before. The boss said that anyone willing to work those extra hours would be paid time and a half for the shifts. Boy was that a pressing relief to all of us.


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