The employees can't work in this heat

I own a small business right outside of town, and there are 10 people that work for me, and we work five days a week with the business being closed on the weekends.

We are just a small Mom and pop business.

We make custom leather outfits for people, and a lot of our sales come from the Internet. I know ‌my employees should not have to work several days a week, or take time away from their families. I also know that conditions should be important, because of the work they are doing, but when all of us started this business, the first thing my partner and I did was put a good HVAC system into the building. We also installed an air purification system to keep the dust and dander that would come from the materials all of us use, from floating through the air. we knew that whenever you worked around material, there was the chance of breathing in the particles, however last week, all of us had something happen to our HVAC system. When my partner and I walked into the building that afternoon, it was really humid. The first thing all of us did was call the HVAC business to see when they could come to repair the air conditioning. We found out that ‌he could not make it until that day. We started calling all the employees, then for those who had already headed to work and got to the building, all of us sent them right back home, however with pay. We informed everyone that if the air-conditioning was satisfactory the next day, they could get another phone call.

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