The estate used more than one chillers

On holiday our friends wanted to tour this estate with tons of living rooms, bathrooms plus gardens.

I am not the type of person that looks at art, museums or old houses.

There were cool things about the locale though. The house was built back in the day so everything was particularly old plus aged. There were tons of locales where candles would have been rather than electric. The plumbing for the house was particularly simple plus the bathrooms were small. There were old rooms appreciate a cigar room, billiard room plus a women laying room. That was pretty neat. The entire tour I kept looking for where the Heating plus Air Conditioning system would be. Back then I knew they wouldn’t have a form of heating plus cooling. I saw all the options for fireplaces plus figured they just sweated in the summer. But, since today people don’t go separate from A/C in the summer, I knew the estate had to have some form of AC. During the tour I found it by looking out a window. In the backyard, particularly hidden, were more than one large chiller systems. The chillers were larger than an SUV plus hooked right to the estate. Apparently these more than one chillers can cool the entire house separate from a problem! Chillers cool with water vapor plus evaporation, making the replacement plus care for this A/C system not that large of a problem. It didn’t seem to be too invasive plus it definitely didn’t detract from the layout of the house. It was neat seeing a new component in such an old estate.


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