The first problem

I am surprised that a ton of people have gas gas heating systems and fireplaces. They are not the safest or most efficient furnace out there, then yes, running a gas furnace is much cheaper than an electric option. You also don’t have to worry about power outages and having no heating! However, the gas is not as efficient as electric; Gas gets burned and churned, then not 100% of the gas you purchase is used for heating like with electric, but also, the installation of the gas furnace is way more than an electric model. Gas hookups and a flue method is installed. This makes for a higher expense and more time invested. The worst with gas heating is the safety hazards though, then if you are not on it with cleaning the heater, it could legitimately hurt your family. The first is with carbon monoxide. If you don’t change your gas furnace filter weekly, the dirt gets into the gas furnace! Once a gas furnace runs dirty, it starts internally heating. The furnace then can overheat itself to where the heat exchanger inside the method cracks. A microscopic crack unseen by the eye, can cause major problems. The smellless, tasteless and white gas known as carbon monoxide can seep out into the home without a lady knowing, however prolonged exposure leads to hospitalization and can even kill a woman. Suppose the furnace overheats but doesn’t crack the exchanger. It could entirely catch on fire. That might even be worse. Now you need a new heater, home and your family could be killed by that too, electric heating is just so much safer.