The free space heater was horrible

My boyfriend is obsessed with free stuff.

Offer him anything for free and he’s taking it.

I just cringe when we drive by garage sales or people putting things on the side of the road. He will constantly ferret junk into our home and try to hide it from me. I have four plastic lawn chairs that I refuse to use. I also have a karate punching bag that is overtaken by weeds. The newest thing he brought home was a bunch of space heaters. My boyfriend thought we could save money in the winter by only using space heaters rather than our central heater. Obviously I was not happy with this plan. I like being perfectly heated in the winter. No way could a space heater do the same job. Also, someone was throwing out the heaters, there must be something wrong with them. Turns out there was. 2 out of 4 heaters did not work at all. My boyfriend tried and tried to deduce the heater repair but eventually gave up. The other two were able to heat, but not very well. The house was freezing cold without the use of our central heater. I thankfully do not live with them anymore since one of the heaters started sparking anytime we plugged it in. I convinced my boyfriend that it might light on fire and we were finally able to part with that cheap heater. He has not learned his lesson though. I still see him scoping the neighbor’s trash for a new treasure to go into the house.


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