The furnace that never dies

My Grandfather came up in hard times, I’m told, as well as he had it easy compared to his parents! He often used to tell myself and others stories all the time.

At the point the two of us were doing chores, because grandfather was big on chores, basically from the point of sunrise to sunset, because in his youth there was no other way to survive out in the world. For most of his life, he had to rely on the family as well as the brilliant mother earth for everything. You need meat, you go hunting in the woods, you want food, you grow it in the garden, you need water then dig a well or start catching rainwater. There definitely was no money to go buy things. The first time he got an oil furnace for the condo I hear that he paid the supplier who delivered it to guide him through the heating installation. They were going to install the oil furnace as well as HVAC duct for him, however he refused, saying to them, he had to do the task so he could learn every inch of the system on his own. After that, he never once called the oil furnace supplier ever again for service, repairs, or parts, he did every last thing by himself for decades. Ten years later, he says the oil furnace supplier stupidly sent someone out to supply a free inspection. It was probably just a slippery way to start a sales pitch, because those old oil gas furnaces weren’t supposed to last much longer than a few years. Much to his surprise, my Grandfather’s oil furnace actually looked as well as heated the condo just as well as it did back on the first afternoon he installed it.

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