The gas furnace is stuck in the on position

The gas furnace in our house is stuck in the on position.

I have sincerely never ever heard about this kind of thing happening before. I did not even know that it was even possible to get your gas furnace stuck in the on position! I believe if it was going to happen to anyone, then it was going to happen to us, but all of us are typically having different random stuff happen to us, especially when it comes to random repairs that both of us need to have done in our house, occasionally I believe adore our house is just one giant money pit that both of us throw all of our money into on a proper basis! Anyway, this day I woke up and I was absolutely hot. I thought that the temperature felt a lot warmer than usual, however at first I just assumed that I’d been having a different dream or that all of the covers were piled up on myself and others while I was sleeping or something! But then after I got up and got dressed, I realized that the house absolutely was actually hot, like, it was super tepid inside. I usually keep my control unit set at 73 degrees while both of us were in the Winter however when I went to check the digital programmable control unit, it said that the temperature inside of the house was 75 and it was rising! By the time I had called the HVAC supplier to ask for help, it was 85 in the house and I had to open up the windows! It was the weirdest thing ever and the HVAC workers had to reset everything when they got there.

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