The geothermal heat pump upgrade was a fun job

Ever since the eating establishment shut down for covid, I have been trying difficult to find full-time work.

  • I had to sign up with a temporary work service.

The place pays 10 bucks an hour and I get paid every single morning at the end of the work shift. I go to unusual jobs from time to time. I’m not picky and the place will send me to any job that meets our qualifications! Last month I worked for a supplier that shreds office papers. We parked the truck in the parking lot and shredded office paperwork all morning for 5 mornings in a row. It was a single of the most boring jobs that I ever had assigned to me. It was the same morning, five mornings in a row. It felt adore a reel from the film Groundhog morning. This week, I got sent to help with a geothermal heat pump upgrade. I do not have any experience with heating and A/C repairs, however the supplier just wanted a person to help carry heavy items and dig a trench. I qualified to complete the work. The geothermal heat pump upgrade was a fun job. It made me wish that I had experience in heating and A/C. I easily believe that the guy would have hired me to work full time. We got along easily well. I was working with the owner of the heating and A/C repair dealer. The guy bought me dinner and said he would call me first if he ever needs help again. I’ll even make a couple more dollars an hour if he doesn’t have to hire me through the work service.

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