The Heating plus A/C area was on backorder

I had to order an Heating plus A/C area for a single of my clients.

The guy bought a ductless gas furnace online, then during the upgrade, the guy broke a piece off the ductless heater… He called me at the store to see if I had the area in stock, however unluckyly, I rarely carry pieces for ductless heaters.

I told the guy that I could order the piece if he wanted to wait a few days for delivery. The guy seemed glad to find out that I could order the area for the ductless heater. He didn’t mind waiting for the current piece to come. After the guy left my shop, I went online to order the part. I found that certain piece to be out of stock. I called the manufacturer to find out how long it would take to get the part. The guy told me that it was on backorder, but he promised that he could get it shipped out in less than a week. I called the customer to tell him about the delayed shipping. He told me that he was going to call around to see if he could find it anywhere else. The next day, I got a call back from the guy. He could not find the item anywhere else, plus he wanted me to order the part. Since the guy had to wait multiple days, I decided to cut him a cut on the fees. I only charged him $10 more than the actual wholesale price for the item. Instead of paying $57 for the part, he only paid $31.


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