The Heating pro said he was bringing his whole class with him.

When Max, my normal Heating, Ventilation and A/C pro, asked if it was okay for him to bring his class with him, I thought it would be a handful of people or less.

I didn’t expect to look out the door and find fifteen men and women surrounding my A/C unit.

Max was quietly showing them what he was doing and explaining how it was being done. Max asked if there were any questions and genuinely few of them raised their hands. Max stood up and looked at almost everyone who didn’t have their hands up. Max asked them if they were sure they had no questions about the A/C unit… One girl asked Max why he had done something to the A/C. He smiled and told her he was glad someone had picked up on that fact. Max said the air filter was consistently changed during the inspection of the A/C or the gas heater. There was dirt that could fall onto the air filter when the cleaning was complete. The last thing you did was unconnect the modern air filter and put a modern one in. Max asked if there were more questions before they moved on. One young guy raised his hand and asked Max if he could look at the fan motor and fan blades. He didn’t see Max inspect them. He let the young guy move to the A/C unit, and pointed out the fan rotor and blades. He asked if he noted anything wrong with them. He pointed to a crack in one of the blades. The Heating, Ventilation and A/C pro patted his back and told him he was genuinely right. Now, almost everyone had questions for Max, and the Heating, Ventilation and A/C professional was in teaching mode.
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