The heavy wind

I absolutely am not glad when there is heavy wind around here.

The reason for that is the air quality gets absolutely awful because the heavy wind blows around all the allergens in the air.

I went out plus bought a few portable air purification systems because of this. Having a few portable air purification systems absolutely help deter the awful air quality that happens when the heavy winds kick up. This recently just started within the last year. Before when the heavy winds were blowing I did not have such a awful reaction to the air quality because the allergens were not here as awful as they are today. You have everything from pollen to ragweed plus a lot more. When the heavy winds are not blowing it makes it a little more bearable with the air quality because it isn’t blowing all of those allergens all over the place. The allergens in the air are pretty bad. I may entirely suppose about moving to another area to where the air quality is a little better than this. Because even with the portable air purification plan I do not suppose this is actually wonderful for my health. It is a wonderful thing I rent plus do not own a loft or it would be a lot harder to move away from here. But I will be looking into it in the next 6 months when the lease is up at the rental loft i’m in. For now though, the portable air purification systems will have to do to help me with the air quality concerns.



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