The hotel room floor was wet & dirty.

My hubby & I always go to the same hotel for our holidays.

The hotel has been a wonderful place to stay, & the two of us expected the same quiet comfort that the two of us have always had in the past.

The two of us excitedly walked through the lobby & found our way to the room. Everything looked as the two of us expected until the two of us walked over to turn the heat on in the room. It surprised myself and others when I stepped up to the temperature control, & the floor felt soggy. It was already damp in the room, & the two of us thought a bit of heat would take care of the humidity. I had a sinking suspicion this was not about to happen. When I hit the temperature control & the HVAC didn’t turn on, it was a truth. The heating didn’t turn on when I changed the temperature control. My hubby called the front desk & commanded they send up the HVAC worker. He told her about the wet floor & how the temperature control was laboring to turn on the heating. When they finally got someone up to the room, I was so cold; I was shivering. The HVAC tech told us he was called to this room by the previous couple who stayed here. He had told them they needed a new HVAC system & temperature control for this room. He called the front desk & told them they had to put us in a unusual room. I didn’t complain because the only room they had open was a suite. The HVAC system worked perfectly. Within hours, the heat was making the room comfortable, & the two of us knew the two of us had once again made a beautiful choice.


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