The hotel stay wasn’t what we expected

My friends and I were going to the beach for the weekend. The drive is about 3 hours and we plan to stay on Friday and Saturday night. Our last class was over at 2pm. I had chemistry and Nancy and Chad had Biology Lab. By the time we got home and packed our car, we still had plenty of time to arrive at our destination before traffic was terrible. I let my best friend make reservations for the hotel. I told her that we needed two beds, a coffee maker and a refrigerator, and free breakfast in the morning. I didn’t think anything else would be important, but I should have been more specific with my list of qualifications. My best friend rented a hotel room on the beach that had a small window air conditioner. The window air conditioner did not provide enough cool air for the entire room and if we were miserable most of the time. The only time that window air conditioner provided enough cool air was after the sun was set in the evening. We managed to sleep well, but we didn’t want to spend any of the waking hours inside of our room. The heat was bad, but the humidity was even worse. My friends and I made several complaints about the air conditioning situation, but we were stuck with the accommodations. Central A/C would have made the trip a lot better, but we still had a great time hanging out on the boardwalk with the locals. Next time, I will be the person to make hotel reservations for the group.

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