The house air duct set up

I did not realize that HVAC duct installation is a mess. But now I guess I should have figured though. How else does a Heating as well as A/C business get the metal piping in the walls and ceiling of the home? Well, it is a self-explanatory answer. But the HVAC guy smashes your house apart… When I got a central Heating as well as A/C component I did not read up on the actual HVAC duct installation, so you can imagine my surprise when the Heating and A/C guy took a big sledgehammer to my home. I was so sad that my whole house was going to fall down with how rough he was being. Some of the walls crumbled down in little pieces and half  the ceiling was all gone. After that, he twisted and turned the metal HVAC duct into a good route from my Heating and A/C unit to all the rooms in the house. After that, he just left. The Heating and A/C professional left me with this huge mess and I had to re-drywall over the HVAC ducts myself, which was horrible to do. I knew nothing about drywall when I started, but by the time I was done, I was a master. I had to basically do my entire house top to bottom. The clean up made me very angry! Big hunks of plaster and tons of dust was all over the house. I did not cover any of my furniture since I did not expect the installation would be so messy. I had to get everything professionally cleaned afterwards, even though I tried to clean it myself. Anyway, now that I have the A/C unit and the new HVAC ductwork, I’m happy. I’m just still annoyed that the Heating and A/C business did not warn me about the big mess.

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