The humidity was impressed

I will mention that it is starting to get pretty hot outside too. With the heat the way it is, everyone is starting to get all their shopping done before the summer hits. We all live in the southwest, and here, it is like what most experience in the winter with the cold. But we have heat! So the other day, I went to one of the last malls we have existing in this town. I had to go to this clothing store to buy some summer clothes for my kid. When I walked into the clothing store, I have to say I was very impressed by their air conditioning system! The rest of the mall was a little warm, and a little humid. But in this clothing store it was completely different. The air was clean and very cool. It was so cool from the air conditioning, that I almost forgot I was there to buy summer clothes! I got what I had to for my kid. Then, on my way out after I paid for everything, I found a manager. I asked the manager what they had done for their air conditioning, cause it was fabulous! The manager had told me that they just recently got an entire heating and air conditioning upgrade to their store. The air conditioning system running through it is different to the one in the main mall area. The manager told me that they did this after realizing that the mall’s HVAC system was not so great. This also helped to reel in more customers. I thought this was a very smart move!

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