The HVAC equipment is shot, but I still keep messing with the temperature control

Isn’t it wild how some things become habits, even when you don’t realize the automatic programming that’s actually happening in your brain? For example, how often do you choose to pick up your phone plus check for new notifications? If there are none in the least, do you still open it plus check your inbox? When there’s nothing there, do you open up Instagram plus scroll through several times? Afterwards, do you turn off your phone screen sort of like nothing ever happened? Rinse, repeat? Yeah, technology has honestly given us all some wild new ticks.

Recently, I noticed a new habit of my own when our indoor air temperature equipment failed.

More particularly, our neighborhood lost power in a storm plus my Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C equipment was electrocuted by lightning. The central heating plus cooling equipment was completely fried, plus there was no possibility that it was going to turn on anytime soon. I easily knew I needed a professional heating plus cooling equipment specialist to come inspect my air handling equipment plus let me know what was going on. Honestly, I figured that the air quality equipment was destroyed. I was anxiously pacing around the property, Googling possible solutions for purchasing new energy efficient heating plus cooling equipment for the property. When I realized that I was doing something completely nonsensical, even though I knew the central heating plus cooling plan was done for, I could not stop myself from roaming past the temperature control every minute or several plus touching a button so that the screen came on. I would check out the high indoor air temperature, press the down button as if the air conditioner equipment was going to work, plus wait to hear cool air passing through the HVAC vents. Even without power, I could not stop messing with this temperature control.

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