The HVAC store had poor selection

When my wife and I were going to a new heating and AC store that popped up in town we were excited to find a new place we’ll try.

So I made a plan that we would head out there that Saturday and take a look at all their attractive HVAC products and see what was available and what kinds of heating and AC products that they had for us to choose from.

When we got there we expected to have lots of variety, but we had the opposite experience. There’s not very much variety of this heat and AC store at all, and it’s almost like they carried all the same products and nothing else. They only had one type of air filter that was available, and it wasn’t even the normal disposable kind, it was the washable air filters. They had one type of thermostat, the old and outdated dial kind, two types of heating systems, a space heater in a central heating system and I didn’t have any air conditioning units at all. They said they used to carry some but they haven’t gotten any back in stock forever. When they did carry them the only ones they had were window AC units. On top of not having much for a variety, the store also had really high prices for the little that they did have. It didn’t take long for the two of us inside we were going to go and look elsewhere for our heating and AC products. This store just didn’t have what we needed.



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