The HVAC tech is great

This weekend was almost a complete ruined disaster for me. Right at the start, my heating and air conditioning system broke down! I could not do without air conditioning at this time because of how warm it was outside. I had no choice but to pick up the phone and call the local heating and air conditioning HVAC supplier instantly to see if they could come out & take care of things. I knew the cost would be a little high since it was a Saturday morning. When I asked for the emergency HVAC service, I was satisfied to hear that they were on the way! The heating and cooling service worker was able to figure out the complication rather fast with my air conditioner. It turned out the motor just needed a little touch up and a freon recharge. I was actually shocked when he had everything taken care of in only a little over a half an hour. I told the heating and air conditioning worker that this must be why he makes the large bucks, he just laughed at my comment & said he aimed to please, then so he was in & out in no time & I was back to good watching some of my number one programs on the good old television. I also ordered some dominos pizza for lunch, and then I even some chinese food for my dinner because I had not had chinese food in quite some time. I have to admit, the air quality and the air conditioning itself were both better than they ever had been before! I guess this HVAC system had been needing a tune up for quite a while, and I just kept ignoring it. Well, I paid the price…literally!

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