The HVAC worker knew the whole time that we needed a new HVAC

The signs were present but, I didn’t want them to be true.

THe monthly utility cost had spiralled out of control & the Heating & A/C device seemed like it was running always.

But, I guess I was hoping that the end game was not upon us. However, a visit by the Heating & A/C device tech secured it. After she did her normal servicing, she reminded me again to think about getting the Heating & A/C device replaced. This time though, she looked me right in the eyes & told me it was definitely time. The Heating & A/C device worker was so kind but, she wanted to be sure that I understood that the clock was running out on the old Heating & A/C device. This finally spurred me into action to contact the Heating & A/C company to help my wifey & I wade through all our Heating & A/C device replacement options. I’m entirely thankful I did that because she was able to make sense out of all of it. We were able to find the perfect Heating & A/C model & the terms to fit our budget on top of that. She was ready to get underway with the replacement but I remained hesitant. This is because it is just so difficult for me to get rid of something that is still laboring. So, we came to a compromise. I put down an initial payment in order for the Heating & A/C company to at least get the replacement model ordered. That way, it would be ready to go for when I either gave up on the Heating & A/C device or it gave up on me. Well, it didn’t take too long. About 6 weeks after that initial payment, the Heating & A/C device completely died. The Heating & A/C tech was entirely right. She had called it. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait numerous days for the new Heating & A/C model thanks to her.



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