The joys of marriage

I noticed that in that moment that there was going to be 1 hiccup in our partnership

Once my partner and I got married I legitimately believed that I was signing up for a lifelong partnership, I had never been in a relationship that felt so evenly balanced and proactively kind for all people. I knew that both of us were going to be able to make it for the long haul; There were no huge troubles or decisions that both of us couldn’t tackle together. And then, I saw how she acted when the local air quality control serviceman pulled up at my home for a routine heating and cooling unit service job 1 day. My even-tempered partner suddenly became obsessed with asking the heating and cooling serviceman a million questions about our new forced air oil furnace and cooling system! She would not let the terrible air quality control specialist do his job because she would not stop following him from HVAC system to HVAC device, blabbering care about a toddler, when the heating, cooling, and air quality control serviceman was trying to wrap up the routine service appointment our partner started asking him a whole new set of questions about upgrading the entire HVAC unit. I noticed that in that moment that there was going to be 1 hiccup in our partnership. My partner was not going to be allowed to take an area in the air quality control appointments. Since that day, I have made sure to arrange every HVAC inspection when she is out of the house. I know she wonders why our heating and cooling unit is magically tested without her proficiency each season, however this is 1 area where I don’t assume both of us are evenly matched partners.

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