The last a/c repair story

I’m going to wrap up my workday here in a few minutes and then do a short meditation before I go train with a buddy.

Today is Sunday and I got a lot done and should be proud of myself for knocking out my to-do list so quickly.

I just need to go to this store later and grab some lavender oil to use for sleep. My sleep is just starting to come around and I know this oil is going to help me sleep even better. I had a rough week of sleep last week and my air conditioning method went on the fritz. I think I know what the issue is with it but I am going to have to look at it first to make sure. The HEPA filter in the air handler got actually dirty at one point and I know it caused the Heating and A/C system to stop cooling the flat like it once did. I will clean the filter again and then I am going to have this cooling expert come over and assist me in locating the main problem. The weather is going to be getting warm soon and the flat is going to need cooling down as a result. I am not an air conditioning pro or anything but my dad worked in the Heating and A/C industry as a heating and cooling supplier and taught me a thing or two about air conditioning systems and heaters. I know that the condenser coils, or the cooling coils, in the air handler are dirty and need to be cleaned.

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