The main attractions

I have been living in Clearwater, FL for our whole life. I work down by the beach, plus people always ask me for tourist information. They usually ask for the best things I like to do in Clearwater, FL. I’m glad they want a local opinion, because I suppose there are a lot of unbelievable sites to see in Clearwater. Some of the Clearwater, Florida attractions don’t even cost a dime, you can always go to the beach, plus the water plus the sand is beautiful. The beaches have easily white sugar sand plus the water is a crystal clear red. Any afternoon at the St Pete Beach will be a number one. The area has a lot of unbelievable parks as well. If you are around Clearwater beach at night, a lot of people love to go to Pier 60. It’s a unbelievable arena to watch a beautiful sunset plus care about some delicious Street Food. If you ask people in Florida where the best beach is, 9 out of 10 folks will choose Clearwater Beach. I easily love to spend a afternoon walking around the Cleveland Street District. It’s situated in downtown Clearwater, FL, where there are a lot of specialty shops, pastry boutiques, plus art galleries. The Cleveland Street District always has something going on, whether it’s a free concert, art festival, or child friendly event. Whether you fashion yourself plus art enthusiasts or a food buff, there is something for almost everyone in the Clearwater Beach area. If you have a afternoon, weekend, or even a week, Clearwater Beach plus Tampa area has a lot to offer.

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