Manufactures are always touting the things they produce.

So many commercial breaks during one show! It can be annoying, though many TV buffs use these breaks to visit the bathroom or top up on snacks.

Then again again, this is business and how else will people know about these fabulous, new products? The latest craze the in the HVAC field. In comparing the new ductless mini split HVAC units with old fashioned systems with ductwork, these manufactures claim that their product provides so much more comfort. The old central HVAC with its massive ductwork, often leaves a room too hot or too cold so the home is subject to undesirable temperature swings and changes. The ductless mini split, on the other hand, can change and match its air output to the required heating or cooling needs of a particular space. It is always nice to have a predictably efficient machine in your home, which supplies exactly the type of air quality you require, despite temperature changes outside. HVAC is one of life’s great perks and the better it works, the more comforting the perk.The ductless mini split is also very energy efficient, saving the homeowner as much as 30 to 40 percent in monthly electric bills. Going ductless removes the “middle man” which is what the ductwork is, and with no ducts to serve, a smaller volume of HVAC is required to run the system. My guess is that with no ducts to clean or repair, HVAC tune-ups should also demand less effort, be less time consuming, and thus cheaper.


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