The New Building And The HVAC Unit Within

I am a construction worker, and as a construction worker I am always involved in building a lot of new property in the city.

We build everything from residential homes, to major business buildings.

You name it, we build it! One time though, there was this particular project that was a little odd for all of us construction workers. The company that contracted us wanted us to lay the groundwork for installing a fresh commercial heating and air conditioning system. I had thought that anything related to a commercial heating and air conditioning system was something for the heating and cooling professionals to handle. This company that contracted us really didn’t know their stuff as far as I knew. Either that, or they were trying to be cheap! Luckily, a lot of us construction workers know a little bit about installing groundwork for commercial heating and air conditioning systems. But, I was not one of those people! After all of my years on the job, I actually had to be trained in a new form of construction. Laying the groundwork for a commercial heating and air conditioning system. The training took about a week. But, once I was done, I finally knew what I was doing. I have to say, doing groundwork for heating and air conditioning systems is not easy. I am so glad I have not had any more of those kind of jobs. I’ll stick to just building the places if at all possible! I almost feel that we all got taken advantage of, being forced to do HVAC professional type work!

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