The Old Lakeside Camp with our Favorite Fireplace

Every one of us aren’t allowed to have fires on the beach here in our town.

I used to do those on the beach when I was a kid in the 71’s.

Beach bonfires were the best. The film Jaws reminds myself and others of those aged cool bonfire parties myself and others in addition to our parents used to have on the beach when we were growing up. They’re a thing of the past now with all of the rules, however it’s still a nice memory in our mind when I want to recall it. Memories are prefer nice aged films that we can watch whenever we choose. I still have memories of resting in front of the fireplace on a Winter time evening, enjoying baseball games with our gramps. I remember a single game we were enjoying went to 17 innings in addition to we ended up going to sleep at prefer a single in the afternoon. My gramps used to split wood for the fireplace because it was the only way we could overheated the loft at the time. He built that loft from scratch, with our Mom’s help, however made it undoubtedly raw prefer those aged camps on the lake. They didn’t put an cooling system in the loft until about 20 years ago, in addition to didn’t need it, however times have changed since then in addition to we can’t rely on mother nature to cool down the loft anymore in the summer. I have not been up there to see that camp, with our favorite fireplace, in entirely over 15 years, ever since all of our Grandparents passed away. I miss them so much.


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