The only way I do my gaming

I have to admit that I am 1 of those avid gamers.

I am 22 years outdated plus this is just what most of my peers plus I love to do as a passionate passtime.

I just recently moved out on my own from my parents’ house. I love the freedom of being on my own plus when I am not laboring, I can do my gaming activity all I want separate from anyone bothering me! It is love an addiction however I love it. I have a certain thing though while i’m gaming that some others do not have. And that is I need to have some kind of cool air blowing on me while I am playing. This can be all year round, but rather than crank the central a/c which would cause super high electric bills plus possibly make me too cold, I went out plus purchased a portable a/c for this use. I keep the portable a/c near me always while i’m gaming plus keep it on a truly low almost light fan setting. It’s not too cold, but just enough to supply me what I need to be able to practice plus prefer my gaming. My friends suppose I am a weirdo for needing a/c all year round while i’m playing any games. And because of this, a lot of my friends will not come over to my place to play with me, however on the flip side, because no 1 else understands my need for a/c I won’t go to their place either.


a/c professional