The party ended early because of the AC

My friends and I went to a party downtown.

Every one of us was excited about the party.

We planned to go hard all night. Tickets to the party were $25 each, but the cost of admission included all you can drink alcoholic punch. The alcohol punch had a lot of different alcohols in it and there were fruits throughout the bowl. I got a big cup of punch with vodka and rum and there were pieces of strawberry, apple, and orange floating in my drink. The fruity concoction tasted great and really got me drunk pretty quickly. Around 10:00, I heard some people whispering outside on the balcony. They were talking about the AC inside of the house. I honestly didn’t realize there was a problem with the ac, but I was pretty drunk by then. I wasn’t really paying attention to the indoor air quality. I went back inside to the party. It was actually quite warm and muggy inside. I didn’t notice the problems until after someone said something, but then it was all that I could notice. The owner of the building had to call someone to fix the air conditioner and the party had to end early. I was planning to stay there all night long and then we all had to go home by midnight. I didn’t get enough alcohol to make up for the $25 cover charge and they certainly didn’t offer to refund anyone’s money after their problems with the AC began. I think they should have refunded some of our entry fees.

Heating and air conditioning system