The perks of having a cooling specialist for a partner

I was so tired I could not wait to get home. We had spent the entire day installing cooling equipment in a small factory. Of all the climate control systems in the cooling industry, they had chosen one that required a lot of work and ductwork. I had not even had time to look at my phone, and when I did, I found several missed calls from Becky. Becky is my girlfriend, and I was alarmed when I found so many missed calls from her because that meant something serious had happened. When I called her back, she asked me to buy a washable filter for the cooling industry since, as a cooling expert working for the company, we got things at a slightly discounted price. The last air filter Becky had was a HEPA filter, and it was less than two months since the replacement. That still did not address why she had called me so many times because she could have quickly sent me a text. I did as my girlfriend had requested and carried my tools with me. When I got to her house, she told me about the exploding sound she had coming from the HVAC. There was also the smell of something burning, but thanks to cooling technology, the system had switched itself off, and there was no actual fire. The result had affected the air quality in the house. That would explain why she called me so many times. I checked the cooling install and gave it a quality AC service to ensure all was well. After some time, the indoor air quality was better than before the incident. It seemed to date a cooling specialist had its perks.

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