The pipes burst from the cold conditions

My family plus I have a house by the lake. The people I was with and I use the house during the Spring, summer, plus fall weeks. It’s too freezing during the Winter season to use the cabin, so every one of us usually stop going in the middle of November, during our last weekend at camp, every one of us sealed up the house style for winter. The people I was with and I do not run any heat during the Winter weeks, so every one of us keep everything boarded up plus secure. The people I was with and I cover the outdoor pipes with tarps plus insulation so they do not freeze. In more than 2 years, every one of us have never experienced a single concern with frozen or broken pipes. This year was different. I decided to go to the house early in February. I had the chance to go skiing late in the season with some friends plus I wanted our snowboard. It was in the house from the previous season, and when I arrived at the cabin, I was surprised by the sight. The place flooded completely. The pipes burst because there was no heat in the house plus the floor was covered with water. Some of the water was ice plus some of the water had already started to melt. I contacted our wife to tell her about the problems in the house plus I contacted a plumbing plus heating company to help with the busted pipes. I called our friend plus told him that I would be unable to go skiing. I had to handle this mess before the concern was much worse. From now on every one of us will entirely run some style of heat in the house to keep this from occurring again in the future.

Ductless heat pump