The pool house ductless AC isn'tworking at all

My in-laws were supposed to come for a visit and I was planning to have them stay in the pool house.

I hired a cleaning crew to spruce up the pool house and make it look enjoyable for our parents.

About 5 minutes after the housekeeper arrived, she called our iphone number. She told myself and others that the air conditioner inside of the pool house was not working. She turned on the air conditioner to cool down the locale while she was working and she observed that there was no frosty air coming out of the ductwork. I went to the pool house to check on the situation. The housekeeper was right, the air conditioner was not working at all. Only moderate air was coming out of the vents. I only had a couple of nights to service the complication before our family arrived. I contacted an air conditioner repair service and made an appointment for the next day. The air conditioner requires a specialty worker, because it is a ductless unit. I contacted the company that installed the machine. They had an available appointment on the same day, although I waited until the next day. The worker evaluated the device and performed a full plan tune-up. The issue with the AC device turned out to be an air filter problem. There wasn’t enough air getting to the device because we put an air filter in there that was not the typical size. After the repairs were made, there were no other complications with the AC and it worked just fine while our family was here for a visit.

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