The portable AC device worked out great

When it was getting closer to the holidays last year, my fiance mentioned getting a small portable AC component to keep in the living room while every one of us cook.

Most people do not have to worry about the heat and humidity during the holidays, but down south it’s still pretty sizzling and muggy at that time of the year.

I looked at a lot of odd portable AC units and some of the models were on sale because it was already after the end of the summer time season, and a few of the base models were priced cheaper than some of the larger official window AC units, so I decided to try out one of the portable units. I did not recognize what to expect from the cooling machine, but there were relatively good reviews online, then when the component arrived, it took some time to set things up. There were a couple of odd parts that had to be put together, but it actually wasn’t that tough to figure out. The pieces of replacement that they offered to me fit well in the window that I chose. While my fiance and his brother were making Thanksgiving lunch, everyone had the portable AC running and it was much more cool and comfortable inside of the living room. I could assume the difference too, and usually I want to stay out of the living room because it is so sizzling and crowded… On game morning, I did not mind going in to spend some time with my fiance and help baste the turkey. Thanksgiving was perfect and the living room and living room were cool and comfortable for everyone.

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