The radon test is taking a lot

My parents have been trying to convince me that it was really important to have a radon test done in my apartment.  I know that there has been several cases of radon poisoning in my level and a lot of the homes have dangerous radon levels.  After being harangued to get the test, I gave in when I realized the test wasn’t really that expensive. I was able to get a test kit at the local hardware store for less than $20.  I soon found out the cheaper test kits aren’t nearly as accurate as the more expensive radon test kits. It wasn’t even the cost of the kit that floored me, but the length of time it takes to do the test.  I really thought it would be like a pregnancy kit. Instead of peeing on the stick, you would wave it around and wait a couple minutes. That definitely is not the case. I found out that the tests are also very hard to decipher.  If you find that the radon levels are over 4 picocuries, then you also need to mitigate the radon. I think the quickest a radon test can be read, is in to days. There are also radon test kits that takes a week or even up to as much as a month for it to be accurate.  The test kit also needs to be moved to different rooms so it can get readings from the entire house. This really seemed like a lot of trouble to go through. I’m not so sure it is something I want to do.

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