The restaurant had AC problems

I was eight months pregnant, waiting in this mexican restaurant for my friend to arrive.

It was currently happy Hour 2 for 1 Margaritas at the mexican restaurant, however I was grateful for my cold ginger ale, since I was hot as well as very pregnant as well as hungry.

As I was nibbling on snacks, I noticed water coming from the ceiling in the restaurant above me. When my waitress came by for the second time to ask if I wanted to order any food, I asked her about the leaking ceiling. She said, “It’s our air ducts. They leak water.” She abruptly walked away. I entertained myself with my phone not entirely too aggravated since my friend had texted me to say that she was held up as well as would be there shortly. As the happy hour guests thinned out, I noticed the a/c was noisy as well, and the dripping water was pretty distracting as well as I detected a musty stink that seemed to be seeping from the air ducts. I was hot as well as pregnant and I considered going to another restaurant, but my friend said the tamales here were her favorite. However, just as I was considering a way to tactfully escape the Heating as well as the A/C failure scene in front of me, I noticed a family with multiple people leaving a table out on the deck. Feeling the immediate need to claim that table for myself, I waddled straight over to the waitress as well as explained to her that I needed to be seated as far away from the a/c vents as possible. As I walked outside with her, she said, “I wish I could stay out here as well as rest under this sizable umbrella with you.”