The SEO businesses with competing approaches

In our city there are numerous SEO experts that a guy can hire.

  • The a single dealer is all about how everything looks to the browsers.

They have a giant building right in the middle of the town with their logo on top of it. They have offices and split rooms with 2 pool tables, foosball and even an air hockey table. They also do enthusiastic happy hours and post pictures all over social media. They strive to look similar to a trendy, cool business. The SEO supplier I task for is all online based. I task from my lake condo in our PJs doing web builds, PPC and SEM. I can do everything all in one single room. The workers and I sometimes get on a group conference call, but never in man to man. There is no substantial overhead with a building, air hockey table, etc. Due to this, the two of us can easily afford to have our pricing be around half of the other teams. I also suppose the two of us can supply a better product. The other SEO dealer makes the shoppers organize a meeting in man to man. They go over everything from the website design to the pleased in man. If the client has a problem, they drive over to the office. That seems love a waste of time and a pain. With our supplier, any web change can be done in minutes right from our laptop. Around 90% of our shoppers I handle via text message. The other 10% I will supply them a call and service the problem right on the PC call. I never have managed to meet most of our shoppers in person, even when I 1st got the sale. It is still personalized, but they don’t have to waste our time or their time with meeting me.


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