The shopper was an old friend of mine

When I got to labor on Saturday, our boss told me that I had to do an estimate first thing that afternoon.

I already had a ductless heating and AC replacement task that afternoon and I knew it was going to take most of the afternoon.

I couldn’t believe that our bus busy me for a consultation on a afternoon when I had a dentistless heating and AC component insulation. I asked the woman if someone else could do it and she told me that the shopper asked for me by name. I did not believe the name on the ticket. I did not believe the address either. The commercial corporation was on the other side of town. It was close to our other task at least, so I did not have to waste any time going to the other side of neighborhood after I was done with the consultation. I did not believe the name on the ticket, however I entirely recognized the face as soon as I walked through the door. The shopper was an old friend of mine from school. I did not believe the name because she had been married. I should have known that it was her when I saw the first name, because there are not a lot of people with that first name! Every one of us talked for almost an minute before I got started on the labor part of our meeting. The consultation took a lot longer than I expected, however I did not believe upset when I left that meeting, however my old friend and I made plans to see each other again easily soon.

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