The simple repair was easy to handle on my own

The limit control switch on your AC is one of the important parts of the system.

Problems with AC limit switches are actually very common.

The AC limit switch tells the air conditioner when to stop creating cold air. When the limit switch stops working properly, it can cause the air conditioner to cycle on and off too frequently or keep the air conditioner from working all together. I found out that the limit switch on my AC machine was faulty through a series of troubleshooting repairs. I wasn’t completely sure if I could handle the simple repair on my own, so I watched dozens and dozens of online videos and DIY tutorials. I knew I could call someone to help, but I felt certain that I could handle the repair without a professional. I ordered the part online from a reputable dealer and I paid for express shipping. The AC part came in the mail a couple of days later. I set aside half a day to replace the limit switch. I only needed a couple of hours. All of the videos made the repair extremely easy. I found a video that showed my exact make and model and the step-by-step instructions were extremely easy to follow. The guy on the video even took time to point out a few other common problems that can occur. I called an AC contractor to find out how much it would cost to complete this repair and the person on the telephone told me that it was a $200 job with parts. I only paid $17 for the limit switch, so I saved a heap of money.

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