The system looks great

Being ahead is always better than being behind. Before the winter season comes there are several things I do to stay ahead of the game. First, I always make sure I have enough salt to last us through the winter as I would hate to run out just after a huge blizzard. Next, I make sure I include various family winter clothes that are relevant to work regardless of whatever nature may throw at us. Third, I have my wife’s and my car inspected so that we can prevent any and all emergency repairs during a bad storm. Also, we are very keen about our home’s appliances as well such as our home’s furnace. We do everything we can do to ensure it will be fine throughout the winter such as having all necessary HVAC maintenance completed. Of course, neither my wife nor myself are certified HVAC technicians. Neither of us know nothing about anything involving inspecting and maintaining our furnace. However, we do change our air filters as often as we should, at least once a month, because we don’t want particles in the air to overwork our HVAC system. Our HVAC service technician always stresses the importance of changing our filters monthly, so we make sure to take his advice. Our HVAC service technician, when he comes to our home for our furnaces annual inspection, always tells us how great our HVAC system looks. He compliments us on how much we do to keep our furnace in great shape for the winter.

HVAC maintenance plan