The television was talking about the new HVAC automation

My girlfriend was watching television a couple of days ago.

She was working for the local HVAC company and she had been talking about the new automated HVAC systems they were now getting for homes.

I told her they had computer automation for years. The Smart Thermostat was part of computer automation for the home. She laughed as she walked away from and kissed my cheek. She said that I didn’t have a clue how far home computer automation had come. Not only were we able to get a Smart Thermostat that would allow us to check on the HvAC system from anywhere that they had WiFi, but the Smart Thermostat could text the HVAC company. If there was a problem with the heating or air conditioning, the Smart Thermostat would send an alert to our phones and to the HvAC company. The Smart Thermostat could notify if there were signs of smoke or even if someone had broken into the house. Through home automation, we would know if a window had been opened from the outside, or if a door had been opened when no one was supposed to be home. We were already seeing the doorbells that could be answered from anywhere, but I hadn’t realized just how much good all of this was doing for our HVAC system. My girlfriend was happy to tell me more than I really wanted to hear. She spent the next hour telling me about voice recognition and how every room would be able to have its temperature changed just by speaking out loud. I hadn’t realized how much she really knew about heating, air conditioning and now automation. She is a really smart lady.


Heating technician