The temperature control was everything I ever thought of

When I saw everybody else getting a temperature control, I wasn’t sure if I was going to get a single too, then this wasn’t your average temperature control, this was the smart temperature control and it was a pretty nice replace that all my family members seem to be rushing to buy; Last year the biggest thing that everybody was rushing to buy involving Heating and cooling was reading heated flooring; Radiated flooring makes perfect sense, why would you not want radiant floors? Especially if you live in a frosty temperature.

  • But now this whole thing that is going on with people wanting to have a smart temperature controls in their apartment I just do not really see why it’s so pressing to have a smart person in your apartment I’ve had a traditional temperature control for a long time and my traditional temperature control has constantly worked actually well for me, but i still use the actually old and actually old dial temperature control, something I love.

It still works great today. I used it and I do not see any replace. I guess the smart temperature control is more new & it allows you to control your indoor temperature from anywhere, including outside your apartment but that is not really something I need and so I think I’ll pass on it. If I want to try a single, I’ll just go over to my sister’s cabin because she already has a single. I heard that it was luxurious too.

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