The trees took out the power lines during the storm

Summer storms are a frequent problem in this area.

I think it rains almost every single day during the summer.

We usually only get a little bit of rain, but the heat and humidity make it awfully unbearable after the rain comes down. After everything is wet, there is more moisture in the air and the humid temperatures are even warmer. Summer storms are also a problem because of the fact that we live down south. We frequently have hurricanes and tropical storms during the summer months. These storms can be downright devastating for some. Last year during the storm season, we had a category 2 hurricane hit the coast about 15 miles away from our home. We were right in the center of the storm and the wind and rain were worse than I have ever seen. The winds from the storm knocked out power to several neighborhoods, including mine. The winds knocked down trees all over the neighborhood. One of those trees landed on the power lines close to my home and took out all power to the neighborhood during the storm. Since we didn’t have power, we didn’t have any way to keep the house cool and comfortable. We don’t have a generator for the AC. It was hot and humid outside even though it was stormy. We didn’t want to open the windows and doors because of the rain, so we were stuck dealing with the humid temperatures and four indoor air conditions until after the storm was over. After that, the power company sent someone to fix the power lines. We ran the AC on high after power was finally restored to the house.



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