The tropics and a/c

I have a love-hate relationship with the weather that we have down here.

On the one hand, I guess I can lay in the sun to get a tan anytime I want.

On the other hand, it could absolutely stand to be a little less tepid and a little less humid. I live right near the beach and though some people would consider this to be paradise, I think it could afford to be a bit more cool. Then it would be paradise! Sunbathers need to be careful in the roughest Summer weather. The last thing you want to do is fall asleep on the beach and get cooked! When I first moved down here, I made that mistake a couple times, however I’ve l earned since then, but whether you have managed to burn yourself to a crisp or not, fine cooling system is always nice after a trip to the beach. I remember coming lake beach house with sunburns after a trip to the beach when I first moved here. My skin was orange and felt hot to the touch and the cooling system felt good. What felt even better was putting aloe gel on the areas that were burned and then letting the cooling system blow across the areas of my body that were treated with the gel. Now that was sweet relief! Now I guess better and wear plenty of sunscreen and do not spend nearly as much time in the Sun to be safe. I still enjoy cooling system more than ever though, however you see, with cooling system, you can get just as much of the tepid sun as you want and then retreat inside and cool off!